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Where is the place you feel like home? Maybe it is a city where you spent your childhood, where your mother is always young and the yellowed album pages keep old black and white photographs. Or streets where you used to walk as grown, in love, and so unacceptably happy, as if tomorrow will never come?
The house of Finnish designer Maarit Salolainen is in the country of thousands of lakes, in a city divided into islands... In Helsinki. Maarit Salolainen's collection created in collaboration with Venesto, is an interwoven memory of the Finnish capital, in the way no one tourist has never ever seen before.
Helsinki is the feeling, conveyed in the fabrics with many different techniques and threads. Every design has its own character and special style, painted by nature itself and carefully recreated by Maarit. Their combination has enabled to create truly unique collection: eco-friendly, thoughtful and special in European style. The basic fabrics are wool, linen and viscose as well.

Cape Town

Cape Town - a city on the coast of two oceans, at the intersection of two cultures: European and African. The dominant colonial style borders on the original thirst for life, the sounds of the djembe, bright colors woven into large pearls in necklaces, earrings and bracelets.
The designer Lis Watkins from England, who grew up in East Africa, has preserved memories of life on another continent and transferred the color patterns and the spirit of freedom of the indigenous peoples to fabrics. Her designer collection is a response to the multi-local trend that breaks old rules and defies social conservatism.
The Cape Town collection - is the authenticity and wildness of Africa embodied in fabric, the burnt savannah and spicy cinnamon, curry and paprika tones. At the same time Cape Town is also European classic, an English rose wrapped in a strict corset, Victorian Bordeaux. Clear lines, as if repeating the rock paintings of Africa. Colonial style floral ornaments. The impossible, the unexpected, the insane - and thus an attractive combination.
Cape Town